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~ I like these guys ~   
09:16am 02/03/2003
mood: awake
Yesterday I also got a first timer who's into role playing - can I do that?

Surely can, sir! What are you into?

Can you be a young girl?

I'd love to - you have to be generous, though.

Okay, I'll be right back.

I had a feeling he actually was coming back, so I quickly pulled my hair into two loose braids. And then, there he was!

Does 5 minutes, tips me $20. So far, so good. I pick up the phone and gesture to him to do the same. He does, we chat.

"What's up, hon? What are you looking for today?"

"Oh...~blush~...you know...I want you to be a young girl..."

~wicked grin on my face with teasing eyes~ "And how young would you like me?"

"How young can you be...I want you to be as young as possible..."

~knowing look~ "Lemme ask you again, honey - how young do you want me?"

"Uh...like...~looking down embarassed~...15?"

~giggling with laughing eyes and a smirky grin~ "Ah, so ~not~ as young as I could possibly be then, huh? 15's not ~that~ young"

~amused look of confusion~ "How young could you be?"

"Oh, I could probably be a 6 year old if you ~really~ wanted - hopefully you - and no one else - will ever ~ASK~ for that, but I could..." I say as I burst into a wide smile and start laughing a bit. Tension broken (and him not feeling like a dirty freak for wanting a "really young girl" of all of 15), the show begins.

It wasn't my best of shows, but he didn't really require much. I just played really young and fidgety while telling him about the stupid boys at school, and how none of them know what they're doing and they always want me to kiss their...you know...thingies...and then they spurt all over the place and that's it! Sometimes they'll actually get to sticking their thingies in my little place, but still - they spurt really soon and it's all over! Heeheehee - and as I'm telling him this (because he's asking me questions about what sorts of sex stuffs I've done) I touch myself (clothed) "absent-mindedly". ;-) And I tell him that I'm done with these stupid little boys and I haven't had a boyfriend in almost 2 weeks! And I'm only gonna date older men now...much older men...like college boys!!! ;-)

He asks to see my titties, and I blush and stammer and say "I dunno...you're a stranger and all..." and he says "it's okay, honey - I won't tell - lemme see". So I shyly start to pull my bathing suit open as I tell him I don't have a lot to look at. Then he starts going on and on about how much he'd love to suck my little nipples and kiss my breasts and I blush and touch them and lick them and keep looking at him for confirmation that I'm a good girl and doing it right for him. ;-)

He's been touching himself through his pants, so I tell him I wanna see his thingy...that I'll show him mine if he shows me his, because I've never seen a grownup one before.

Heh, and by then, it was all over. ;-) He groaned and told me how sweet my pussy looked and how he'd fuck it and not spurt right away and he'd make me feel really good...then he came. ;-)

Just another day...living in the hood...just another day around the way...


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~bangs head on glass~   
08:56am 02/03/2003
mood: amused
I got a middle aged Hispanic guy in yesterday.

Speaks the ~tiniest~ bit of English (basically can let me know that he wants a show, and also can say "How much?!!!").

I get him to put $5 in the minute thingy, so he has 5 minutes. And I even got him to tip me $10 (a $5, and then after some prompting and explaining that he'll get to see more chocha (how do you spell that?) for more money, he adds in another $5).

Cool. Not bad, especially for a first timer who doesn't speak English. It only took about 90 seconds to get that done.

I do my little dance, get naked and sit down. I try to tell him to get comfy, but he doesn't understand what I mean. ~sigh~

But then...

He's on his knees! On ~that~ floor! And he's digging his nails into the bottom of the window!


"Sir! Just relax, watch the show, have fun. What are you doing? Stop it!"

He keeps working at the bottom of the window. At first, I thought he was one of the guys who likes to pretend the glass isn't there and he's actually playing with me...but that's not it.

He's trying to get the glass window to come up. Diligently. Doggedly. He even broke one of his nails doing it!

I say, "No, you don't touch me, you just watch..." and sort of point at my eyes, then his eyes (you know, that thing people do when they're annoying and say "do we see eye to eye?" - that motion). I repeat this a number of times while banging on the window at him, because he's BACK on his knees, trying to open the window.

FINALLY, he stands up straight, looks at me and says "I just watch? No touch?"

"Yes, sir. Window no up - just look."

He gets the NASTIEST look on his face...yet, it's also sort of sad. He looks at me and shouts:

"I all done! I no like! No watch! Bye!"

And starts to walk out the door...but not without turning around first, with a hopeful look on his face.

I waved at him while smiling sweetly and said "Bye bye!"


Yes, this man actually thought you went to a peepshow and got laid for $10 (not the $15 he ended up paying - he thought the window came up for the original $5 tip he gave me). And he thought I was mean for not bringing the window up and boinking him.


Can you imagine if the window ~did~ go up on the timer? Wouldn't that be fun...you run out of time and your ween0r's right where the glass would be coming back down to shut the window...~shudder~

Where can you get laid for $10, is what I want to know!

Oh, which reminds me of one of my other favorite customers...the guys who think everything's expensive. They want a full show for a $5 tip, and I tell them a better tip gets a better show and they give me this look of disgust and say "What!??! I can go outside and get a f'n blowjob for $10!"

To which we ALL now reply with sweet little smiles on our faces...

"Well, then what are you doing in here? That's obviously a better deal..."


Off to work with the horny masses again. 2 girls called out yesterday, so the 3 of us who ~were~ there were working out tails off dancing on the stupid main stage. I was barely in my booth. Although the customers I did get were very generous - I made ~really~ good $$$ yesterday...I hope it happens again today! Then I can get a new computer!! ~grin~

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~ growl ~   
11:58pm 15/02/2003
  Today just sucked. Sucked sucked sucked sucked SUCKED.

Every single cheap, rude, mean bastard on the face of the earth came in today. Every man who hates women came in today. And not just to me - ALL the girls had customers like that.

Awful. Bah. Evil.

Tomorrow I better have some fucking funny stories to write, I tell ya. Or I'll be ~very~ upset.


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03:25pm 22/01/2003

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today


Work has been rather hellish. It's been incredibly slow for almost a month now, and all of us are only making about 1/4 of what we normally do. :-/

Anyway, onto customer stories. ;-)


  Have I mentioned AppleMan before? Apparently, he's a long-time regular. He's highly amusing and an okay tipper. He likes to be remembered and recognized and gets off on the thought that the girls talk about him when he's not around. So I'm sure he won't mind me writing about him. ;)

He comes in with an apple that's been cored through the middle. The first time I had him, I asked him if he chose a particular brand of apple for any reason and he said no, just whatever was on sale. Another girl told me that he told her the differences between using various brands before. Hmm. Whatever. *L*

He doesn't want you to do anything really except watch him and tell him he's a fucking freak. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything too weird about masturbating with a cored apple, but I obviously don't tell him that. ~L~ He wants you to call over other girls to see what he's doing (we're not really supposed to open our side of the booth when we're with a customer), and I always tell him I need a reason to go out of my way to leave this spectacle and find someone. ;-) So he gives me another $5 in my tip box, and I find someone to come in and look. Once I chose my best friend, and another time I chose a girl who, like me, likes to see the "weirdos". Heeheehee!

Then we get to the part that's a little weird, but only in it's implementation. When he's ready to cum, he whips out either a plastic disposable plate or bowl and cums into it. Then he asks me what he should do about the mess. This is my cue to tell him he better not leave it in my booth and that he needs to eat it clean. So he dips the apple into the container and uses his cum as a dip. Heh. He always eats the whole apple when he's finished. And he never leaves a mess.

Anoying Stocking Man

  Last night I got a man who's apparently a long-time regular. I'd put up new pictures of me for the customers to view, and in them I was wearing seamed stockings. Well, this man just LOOOOOOOOVES to be dominated by women wearing stockings. He also fell in love with my 8 and a half inch heels.

He asked me if I "date" customers. I said no. He said he was sorry, and that there was no harm in asking, and I agreed there wasn't and that I didn't fault him for asking once. Then I looked pointedly at my tip jar and said I don't think you could afford me anyway. ~LOL~ He said oops and threw another $10 in (making his tip $27 for 12 minutes of show - mind you, I have customers that give that tip upfront for a 5 minute show that don't have..."special" needs, like domination). Then he WOULD NOT STOP asking me if I'd meet him outside...he has $200-$300 to spend...really...not on him, but he can go to an ATM...I'm so beautiful...those stockings are so hot...blah blah blah. SO annoying.

Look. As I told him a NUMBER of times, if there's no glass, there's no PSG. And BESIDES, I've been considering getting into in-person domination calls...and my fee STARTS at $400 an hour. And an hour would be the minimum. Gah. What are people thinking?


I'm a hazard to myself
Don't let me get me
I'm my own worst enemy

I've been feeling rather crappy lately; I'm sure it's a combination of many things, although that doesn't help the fact that I'm depressed any - it just explains it. Oh well - what are you gonna do, right?

I have a few days off. I plan to rest and relax. :)

I wish I were making more $$ at work, so that I'd make enough to pay my bills AND save extra, so that I could afford to take a small 1-2 week vacation from work. I'm burning out quick.

I do still love my job - I just wish I was still getting lots of customers so that I remained busy. ~pout~

Heeheehee! I need to go through my notebooks and get some more of my writing typed up. I have comics I've drawn up too - got to get them uploaded somehow...


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12:47am 05/10/2002
mood: contemplative

So work was cool today. I made bank times three! ~grin~ I also bought a new dress (fuzzy leopard print halter with matching panties) from this former dancer who now goes around to all the local clubs with handmade stripper outfits. :-)

Among the normal, average Joe customers, I had a few that stood out.

1. Annoying Geek Boy.
  This is his new name. This is a boy who came to my room about a month or so ago, I think under the impression that I liked him (on the main stage I mentioned to him that our private rooms are also $1/minute and that he'd get a much better show - something I tell just about everyone. But I think he mistook this as genuine interest, when in reality I could barely see his face on the main stage because of the darkness). I can only describe him as a "con geek" (and I mean no disrespect to any one who reads this that attends cons - heck, I attend cons!) - obviously doesn't get out much, next to no social skills, rather demanding and generally clueless (as in asking me questions that you just don't ask a stripper, like where I live, where I hang out, asking me to kiss him, things like that).

Anyway, he showed up again today, and put in 15 minutes and gave me a $15 dollar tip - not that great, but not that bad of a tip either. I mentioned (as I do to everyone who doesn't tip me well) that a better tip would garner him a better show. Time goes on a bit, I'm doing my generic show, and he wants me to "give him head" (meaning, bend down and lick at the glass near his cock). I tell him that's part of a better show. He throws in another $5, and since he doesn't have a lot of time left, I decide that that's enough for me do that - after all, when I'm doing that, he can't see the rest of me. His time runs out and his window goes down. He puts another 5 minutes in and DOESN'T TIP ME ANYMORE. I just smiled and said "So we have another five on the bottom?" and he says yes. I said "and...what's on top?" (which is where the tip box is) and he says "I'm just evening it out, so it's 20 and 20 now." I told him that's not right, that he gave me more of a tip before to do more of a show. He just keeps jacking off. Fucker. So now he's basically making me work for free, since I already did the show he paid for in the tips. So I sat down and crossed my legs and kinda covered my breasts with my arms. He finished in about a minute and a half and asked "So should I come back to see you next time I come in?" and it took everything I had in me to ~not~ say "Only if you can manage to tip me, asshole". In the end, I just said "Sure, sugar - have a good night" and I left the room. ~grrrrrrr~

2. Old Make-Out Artist.
  Nice looking 50 year old man, tipped me $20 for 10 minutes. ~EVERY~ time I looked towards his face, he made a kissy face at me - either flicking his tongue as though he were french kissing me or a puckered lip kind of thing. Every time he'd do this, I'd giggle and turn my face away. I'm sorry, but that's not really a good enough tip to get me to sit there and pretend to make out with anyone through a sheet of plexiglass, especially not a 50 year old man. He did this at least twice a minute for his entire 10 minutes. He ran out of time and added another 5 to the bottom and gave me another $20 tip. Now that's a good tip, so I sat back in the chair and spread my legs and spread my vagina open for him to see inside. He made one more attempt at getting me to kiss him and FINALLY dropped it and stopped. THANKFULLY. Only took him 11 minutes to figure it out! He ~did~ end up having a rather cool cock, though - nicely shaped and I could visibly see his orgasm starting in his cock, even before he started ejaculating. Neat! I told him so and he said thank you, that old guys need nice compliments like that, especially from pretty young girls. Hahahaha. ;-)

3. ShyBoy.
  Probably the shyest person I've ever had come to my room! Couldn't even take out his dick until I was turned around! I usually turn around to take of my panties so that my customer can get a good view of my bottom as I bend over, then I turn back around. He was obviously hiding his dick. Eventually, he asked me to turn around again! ~giggle~ He added another 5 to the timer and to my tip jar, and continued with me showing him my ass. I was highly amused. I turned around at one point to sit down, explaining that my feet hurt (they did; if they don't tip enough for me to get into my chair, then if he wants to see me from behind I have to stand on my tiptoes in order for him to really see anything). He sort of blushed and said that it was okay. I asked if he was shy, and he said yes. I told him that he shouldn't be shy, that I like to watch - that I thought being able to see boys' thingies would be the biggest problem of my job, but that it actually turned out to be my biggest perk (this is true. Maybe I'm strange. But I love to watch my customers jack off all day and I get fairly pissy if a customer doesn't, and not just because I feel like I'm in a clinical setting - I feel cheated, like I didn't get my show. ~laugh~). He blushed some more and I said "but if you're shy, I won't look if you don't want me to" and I smiled at him then dropped my eyes to my own crotch. He looked up at me and ever so shyly said "Well, umm...that's okay. You, uh...you can watch if you really want to..." I was highly amused. He finished, cleaned up, glanced up at me quickly and said goodbye and ~rushed~ out the door. ~evil grin~

4. My Daughter's Best Friend.
  I get a customer who'd just put in a dollar to ask me a question first. The question being, do I ever get involved in role playing? I said it depends on what kind of roleplaying, but that I didn't see any reason why not. He said "can you role play that you're a young a girl?" How young, I want to know. How young can you go, he replies. Now I'm very concerned, but I say "That depends - what's my motivation?" and he laughs as his window goes down and says he's going to get some change.

Now I'm worried. What does he mean? Does he want me to be a 6/7/8/9 year old? If so, can I do that? Would I do it?

A few minutes later he comes back...5 minutes on the bottom, $20 tip. Says he wants me to pretend to be his young daughter's friend or something similar and to seduce him. I said...how young are we talking about here? 13 and just discovering my sexuality and sexual powers over men? He gets a kind of weird look on his face and says...err...how about more like 16 or 17? I laugh out loud with relief and told him that he'd gotten me all worried, that the way he'd phrased it the first time he was in my booth...that I thought he wanted me to be *really* young, like a preteen! And got the cutest look on his face and said "Oh no!! No no no!!! Nothing like that! I'm not interested in *THAT*!" to which I laughed and replied "Good!" Then he added another $10 to my tip box. :)

So...the story I came up with went something like this. I show up at the door and ask if "Katie" is at home (I dunno, the name just popped into my head, he didn't request it or anything). He replies that she isn't. I sort of scuffle my feet and tell him that I was hoping that I'd be able to go swimming in their pool...would he mind if I went anyway, even though she's not there? He says not at all, did I bring my bathing suit? I mention that I had, and go out to the pool. I jump in the pool and notice that he's coming my way and take off my bikini top. He comes over...

"What are you doing?!!?"

"Swimming!" I reply with a smirk.

"You can't swim like that!!"

Giving him big doe eyes, "Why not? There's no one around..."

"But I'm here..."

"I don't mind if ~you~ see me, though."

He asks if I would mind if he joined me in the pool. I said that I didn't, but that he'd have to come in naked. He resists, and comes in just in his underwear.

I start playing with my breasts and ask him if he likes them. He groans and replies yes. I say "They've really filled out, huh? I'm practically a woman now"

"What do you mean, practically?"

"Well...my body's all mature...and I've played with the boys...but I've never...you know...done IT."

He moans out loud and says "Oh really?"

"Yeah. I've fucked around with the boys at school, but I won't let them fuck me. I want to be with a MAN, not a stupid boy. They don't know what they're doing!"

He mentions that he wish he could be that man...and I ask him with a knowing smile why he thought he couldn't be. I hook my thumbs into the sides of my bikini bottoms and start to pull them down as he groans out that he should leave, that I should leave my panties on, that he shouldn't be thinking this way about me. I pull down my bottoms and bend down to pull them off. As I do so, I pull down his underwear, allowing his engorged and erect dick to spring free. I start to lick and suck on it and his fingers entwine in my hair.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" he moans out.

"Oh yeah! With the boys from school. I've done it in school too, you know."

"Oh, how I wish I could stick my cock inside you!"

"I want you to! I want you to be the man who makes me a woman!"

I sit down and show him my pussy. He adds another 5 minutes in.

"Omigod, your pussy is so sweet looking. I don't know if I can stand it anymore..."

"Maybe you should lick me, to make me all sloppy wet and ready for your big hard cock".

He goes down on me and asks if anyone's done that to me before...

"Yeah, but just the stupid boys, they don't know what their doing. They just go *making boring, repetative licking motions with my tongue* and don't really do anything for OOOOOHHHHH!"

He keeps licking me, then slides a finger into my dripping snatch. Then another. I'm grinding against him, moaning and writhing. I beg him to fuck me, to fuck me hard and fast and RIGHT NOW!!

He stops fingering me and rubs the juices from my cunt onto the tip of his prick, and starts easing his way into my tight, almost virginal, pussy. I gasp, in fear, pain and pleasure. Then I start to gasp and moan purely in pleasure. He asks me if I'm okay and I nod and start bucking up against him. I fuck under him, gasping, moaning, stifling small screams of extacy. Faster and faster we move together, until I beg him to come, to come for me, to come all of me. He shoots his spunk all over me: my cunt, my tummy, my tits, even some on my chin!

He thanks me for a wonderful time, and I thank ~him~ for making me a full woman. ~wink~ I implore him not to tell Katie, and he promises that he definately will not, and that I shouldn't mention it to her either. I agree and ask if it would be okay if I came over again sometime when there's no one else home. He smiled and said "sure"!!

(note, the above was all a fantasy that was mostly spoken in my room - there was never, at any point, any physical contact between me and any of my customers, although we both acted out our parts on our repective sides of the glass.


And that was that. I have to admit, I was *really* turned on, and it started just getting into the beginning of this scene. I was very scared that he'd want me to be ~REALLY~ young and I didn't know what I was going to do...but he wanted later teens, thank goodness. And that's right up my alley, being 16-18 and fucking/dating someone much older than me. My pussy was *SO* wet when the scene was over - I had to use 3 paper towels to mop myself up. I'm not kidding. ~L~

So today was cool, for the most part. ~giggle~ Slow, but good tippers for the most part. Oh, except that I got the cold that I've been trying so hard to avoid. So many girls at work have bad colds right now! I was doing okay, but at about 7:30pm, I felt the cold start to kick in...my throat got sore and I started coughing up little small hard bits of phlegm/mucus. Then the headache kicked in. Now, in addition to all that, my body aches, I'm very tired and I'm having a hard time eating.

And so, with that, I'm going to go to bed now and pray that I'm well rested enough tomorrow to go to work - I don't want to not only lose the money I could have been making, I'd also have to pay out $50 for calling in. ~sheesh!~

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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02:31pm 17/09/2002
  Often, when I'm on the carousel at work, I sing along to my music (thankfully I have a good signing voice). ~giggle~ This amuses me, and it seems to amuse my customers as well.

Work has been good lately, though draining. So tired.

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Ever just have one of those days...   
03:06pm 29/08/2002
mood: amused
I worked yesterday. It was good - we were all busy for most of the day and I made some decent $$. :) Weekdays are good because all the businessmen come in during their lunch breaks and then before heading home to work. However, I *normally* work weekends, which are a lot slower. But I still make good money in my eyes. So it's okay.

I wanted to write up a little "Day in the Life Of" kind of thing in here, so that day I wrote down little snippets of info about every customer. Since then, I've written this up every shift - it helps me know where I'm at, minutes-wise, without having to ask all day, and to know how much I should have in tips. It also helps me figure out regulars and what they like and how often they visit (for instance, the really nice stocking guy who was my first ever customer visits me on Saturdays and likes me to be *duh* wearing stockings). Here's a snippet of a typical Sunday:

2:12pm - middle-aged asian guy, just watched - 5 minutes
2:32pm - new guy, looking for info, said he needed change *sigh* - 1 minute (*note: many guys come in for a minute, say they need change and they'll be right back...and they never come back. So we hate hearing that)
2:38pm - new guy returns! likes to be watched and doesn't really care what I do. nice guy. 1 minute + 4 minutes (*note: means he put in a minute, let the window go down, then added 4 more)
2:44pm - hispanic guy, okay, little demanding - 5 minutes + 5 minutes

So, there's a typical hour on a Sunday (other days can be much MUCH busier!)


Here are some snippets from Wednesday:

12:59pm - Arab guy who likes to wear diapers. Wasn't wearing a diaper today but likes to mess his pants better anyway, wants to be called "Messy Boy" and "Dirty Boy" while I tell him he can't leave to go to the bathroom so that he has to make in his pants. Pooped in his pants while I called him names and told him what a disgusting, filthy boy he is. What a way to start my shift! ;) - 5 minutes

2:32pm - Nice, youngish Italian guy. Wish he'd have given me more of a tip so I could have given him a good show! *pout* :*( - 5 minutes

4:05pm - Very nice older white man, repeat (*note: means I've seen him before.). Likes to see my clit and pretends to finger me. Very nice, not demanding. very polite! :) - 5 minutes + 5 minutes

4:38pm - Shithead guatemalan guy. Got mad at me and left early because I wouldn't spread my legs wide open and put my cunt on the window for his $4 tip. Awww...cry me a river, baby! *snort* - 5 minutes

6:52 - Nice enough middle aged white guy. Always needs to be reminded that I need a bigger tip to sit in the chair and spread my legs, though. - 5 minutes

8:26pm - Older, heavyset white guy with the BIGGEST balls and the SMALLEST cock I've *ever* seen! Literally *POUTED* when I wouldn't spread my legs wide open and open my pussy for his $5 tip, yet didn't want to tip more either. Thought compliments would get me to do it...compliments, however, do not pay my rent. ;) - 1minute + 5 minutes

9:41pm - Smoke ring man! Likes to see naked girls blow smoke rings in a smoke filled room. I can't blow rings, but I said I'd try. By the 3rd time I'd inhaled to try, he had finished. *giggle* Nice, hope he's a repeat! - 5 minutes

Ah...the life of a peepshow girl. *grin*

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11:55pm 26/08/2002
mood: irritated

Here's a tip, folks:

If the girl you're requesting a private show from tells you "the better/bigger the tip, the better the show", it's a hint that you haven't tipped her well, okay?


Because when someone *does* tip me well, I don't bother to say that.

Got it?



I have tomorrow off, I've worked the last 3 days in a row. I'm getting a professional, 90 minute massage tomorrow. I can't wait!

Work was okay today - I have more to write, but I'm pretty tired and just want to lay down and relax. :)

See ya later!!!

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12:03am 18/08/2002
  Apparently, we didn't pray hard enough/to the right deities.

Work sucked. Pretty bad.


There's always tomorrow...but since Sundays are usually slow, I'm not too optimistic.


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10:52pm 16/08/2002

I go back to work tomorrow - I've had a whole week off!

Everyone pray that I make lots of moola and have nice customers. ~LOL~

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to be blonde again. It worked okay last weekend (although last weekend sucked in a major way), so I'm going to try it again. ~smile~

Wish me luck!

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12:00am 12/08/2002

Today really really really sucked.

I wrote down a lot of stuff in my notebook today; I'm hoping to write up a little "Day In The Life Of" kind of thing, but I'm incredibly tired right now. So for now, I'll just mention my first customer and my last customer of the day.

Last customer - old enough to be my grandfather or something, I *swear*. He paid 5 and 5 (that's $5 for five minutes and then a $5 tip for me), then when I didn't show him enough for his liking, he added another $5 to my tip jar. This is all fine and good. Except that he was a lot older, and wanted me to tell him how much I wanted him, and he was complimenting me on how sweet my pussy looked and all that. *shudder* This probably wouldn't have been so bad to me if I hadn't already had such a horrible freaking day, though.

First customer - seriously almost made me vomit. When I came out of my booth after his time was up, I actually gagged/dry heaved and colapsed into my friend's arms for a hug. He paid 5 & 5, and wanted me to get my legs high up in the air and spread my pussy lips wide open. For $5? Um, no. He also wouldn't stop talking and wanting me to talk. Not so bad, you say? You're right. And it wasn't even that he was 300+ lbs and had his shirt pulled almost all the way off so I had to stare at his strangely haired chest and horribly protruding stomach - I've gotten bigger guys before, and even seriously obese people before. That's not a big deal either.

The thing that made me gag is that...you know, it could have been whatever he used for a lube or something, I don't know...but he had this thick, creamy-yet-chunky white *stuff* all over him. It looked like a seriously nasty fucking disgusting yeast infection - all over his upper thighs, his balls, his cock and then his hands, since he was jacking off. And he has the *biggest* smile on his face and every time I look up at him he's talking to me, telling me to do this that and the other. And normally I look at the guy's cock while he's jacking off, because I like to watch them cum (I consider it a nice bonus to my job, you know?)...but every time I looked down at his crotch I gagged internally.

And he really set the tone for the day, in money (ie., we ended up with a *lot* of cheap guys today that wanted us to contort our bodies into painful positions for little -and sometimes no- tip) and in demeanor.

Fuck, today was so slow that I made the most minutes in my booth out of all the girls...and I only had a little over a 100 minutes. Granted, Sundays are usually slow, but not *THAT* fucking slow!!!

Not a good day. Not a good day at all. I really just feel like I should cry or something.

But now I've been home for about an hour and a half, and I'm feeling a bit better. I should be fine by bedtime.

Some days are good - some suck fucking ass.

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.*.*. INTRODUCTION .*.*.   
12:00am 01/08/2002
  Hello. :) I am PeepShowGirl (PSG for short).

I've started this diary to write down my more interesting customers; the good, the bad and the downright scary. ;)

I'm sure it will be slow to start out, but hopefully it will pick up. ;)

I do have an another journal here, but I would like to keep the two identities separate, for numerous reasons. If you know who I *really* am, that's great and wonderful! But please don't share that information. Please respect me on this point, okay?

About the job...

Yes, I work at a peepshow. My customers come in, pay a $1 a minute plus tip, and I get naked for them. We are then in a private room, separated by a large glass window; they can see all of me, and I can see all of them. Originally, I thought that might be a problem for me, but it's turned out to be great fun and not a big deal at all!

My customers can do whatever they wish on their side of the room; most choose to masturbate. I cannot actually touch my vagina or anus, although I can do whatever I want to my breasts or the rest of my ass. Most of my customers (if they tip me well enough) have me just sit in my chair, scoot at close to the window as possible, and spread my legs. I can place my hands on my thighs and "open" my vagina as much as I can without actually touching myself. :) There is also a telephone for customers who want to be chatty, or so I can explain the rules and be certain that I am heard. I can also hear my customers through the glass if they speak just slightly louder than normal, and they can also hear me.

And that's the basics. :) Of course...I get *many* interesting customers as well; those customers will more than likely be the ones I write about most, just because they stick out in my mind more.

And there's the beginning for you! While I'm keeping this journal mostly to let off steam, I also hope you'll find it amusing as well!

I'll be writing soon!

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